PAGES is coordinated by artists and researchers John McDowall and Chris Taylor. Founded in 1998 and operating around the hub of an annual Artists’ Book Fair, the initiative has provided numerous and wide-ranging opportunities for the development and awareness of the book as primary medium in art practice. Manifestations such as exhibitions, workshops, open calls and curated projects have facilitated experimentation, dissemination and engagement for audience and makers. These include Special Collections (University of Leeds Gallery, 2007); From Book to Book (Leeds Art Gallery, 2008); Collections & Collaborations and Pages: Future Potentials/Future Legacies (2015 & 2017, The Tetley, Leeds). Touring projects comprise ARCHIVE (2003– ), New Voices (2019– ), and the forthcoming Enfolded Journeys (2024– ).

PAGES is supported by the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.